From antiquity to the present day, individuals have continually deployed esoteric ideas to explicate, challenge, or completely overhaul traditional binaries of sex and gender; as such, the history of Western esotericism overlaps continually with that of feminism, eugenics, sexology, free love, celibacy, gay and lesbian liberation, polyamory, gender non-conformity, and other such currents. Despite these convergences, gender and sexuality have only recently emerged as key analytical categories within the field, and many of their implications for esotericism are yet to be explored and theorized. 

The aims and motivations of ESOGEN are:

  1. to create a platform in which scholars within different disciplinary constituencies can exchange ideas and forge collaborations;

  2. to organize conference sessions, workshops, and conferences;

  3. to promote high-quality publications and funding bids on the relationship between esotericism and gender and sexuality studies;

  4. share academic expertise on its focal topics with the wider public through social media.


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